Correct pinstriping on BMW Earles Fork Motorcycles
(1955-1969) Singles & Twins

by Craig Vechorik

The base color determines what color pinstriping you use.
Black motorcycles originally had white striping, which with time, may change to a cream color.
White and cream motorcycles are striped in black.
Blue motorcycles are striped in white and sometimes they are striped with dark red.
Green motorcycles are striped in white.
Red motorcycles are striped in white.

All pinstriping on BMW Earles Fork motorcycles is identical. The big line is 1/8-inch thick and the thin line is 1/16-inch thick. The big line is 1/4-inch from the edge of the fender and the thin line is 5/32-to-1/8-inch apart from the thick line. These measurements are taken from an original BMW motorcycle, but you should remember that all BMW motorcycles were striped by hand at the factory. The pinstripers applied two coats. Minor variations in both thickness and location of stripes is to be expected. The BMW factory pinstriper usually painted their initals beneath the gas tank and inside fender braces. BMW never applied clear-coat over pinstriping. The prinstriping is the last coat applied over the finished paint job.

Masking off the lines with tape is a shortcut that is not recommended. Paint tends to seep under the edge of the tape and even when the striping dries there is a raised edge in the paint. Colored tape can be applied, but it is difficult to apply evenly and the tape edges sometimes crinkle. Tape is also distinguished by a raised edge. Special pinstriping tape is available that carries both the thin and the thick line on one strip of clear overlay tape. This type of tape is easy to apply evenly. Once applied, the clear overlay (carrier strip) is removed leaving the two colored stripes on the surface. At a distance, it appears to be excellent pinstriping. Upon close inspection, the line edges can be felt with the hand. There is no substitute for hand pinstripring, but for economical reasons the special pinstriping tape is a good alternative. You can order this special tape from Bench Mark Works secure online parts store.

accessory 35A--pinstriping tape black
accessory 35B--pinstriping tape white

Please note that when printed, or viewed on the web, the following photograph may not appear in proper scale.
Do NOT print this to use as a pattern.

BMW Earles Fork motorcycle pinstriping

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