How to remove and replace the fork lock of BMW motorcycles 1955-1969 singles and twins by Craig Vechorik

Items required:
two small screwdrivers
ice pick or similar item
needle-nose pliers
light hammer
compressed air

32 32 9 016 007--fork lock & key R25/3-R69S
32 32 9 016 009--lock set fork & tool box with matching keys R25/3-R69S
If the lock cover is missing, the three-piece set is part number 32 32 9 016 101--$9.90--Earles fork lock cover set Neiman chrome with pin & washer

If you have lost the key for the frame and/or the steering lock on a 1955-1969 BMW motorcycle, this is a quick and easy procedure to solve a perplexing shop problem. You must remove the old, keyless lock and replace it with a new lock to which you have a key.

Step 1. Take two small screwdrivers and drive each one under the Neiman chrome lock cover on each side of the retaining rivet. Pry up the cover and remove it along with the rivet. Take care not to lose the tiny washer that lies beneath the pin head.

Step 2. Look at the end of the lock. You see the round barrel of the lock, the key slot and the square box on top. That box is where the tumblers and springs of the lock are located. On the top of that square block is a thin band of sheet metal that retains the springs and tumblers. Use an ice pick to lever the plate out so you can grab the end of it with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Step 3. Remove the plate completely and you see that the ends of the four springs that push the tumblers down into the lock will jump up and their ends will be visible in the small open area directly above the lock. Bend a small hook from wire and reach into this area. Snag each spring and pull it out of the body of the lock.

Step 4. Insert a flat blade screwdriver into the key slot and use a light hammer to drive the screwdriver into the slot. Don't go crazy here. Just drive it in enough that it will stick in the slot.

Step 5. Use a blow gun on an airline from an air compressor and blow air into the key slot. This will push all four of the tumblers up out of the lock. While you are constantly blowing air into the lock, turn the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise direction and the lock will rotate. When you have it rotated, simply pull the screwdriver out and the body of the fork lock will come out of the frame on the end of the screwdriver. Replace the new lock and lock cover. Then, don't lose the key again!

I take pride in selling quality parts for pre-1970 BMW motorcycles and for providing the best pre-1970 BMW motorcycle service available. If you need more help in solving your fork lock or tool box lock problems, call me at Bench Mark Works, Monday through Saturday, 8 AM until 5 PM central time at (662) 465-6444. I'll be glad to try and help you trouble-shoot the problem.


Craig "Vech" Vechorik

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